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Since we’ve entered the new millennium a lot has changed for emergency responders.  Our nation has faced disasters of every type from Katrina, to tornados, fire and floods, and of course, the events of September 11.  Now we’re talking about pandemic flu.  Among other things we have become comfortable with the terms “Homeland Security”; “weapons of mass destruction”; and “NIMS”.  As responders to these events with the welfare of the community and our residents at stake, it is very important that our personnel are as prepared as possible to effectively handle every type of emergency situation.

The Incident Management Team (IMT) specializes in training emergency responders from all disciplines in incident management as the foundation for successful response to community emergency events.  The Department of Homeland Security has directed responders at all levels to use the National Incident Management System (NIMS) as the primary method for effectively managing emergencies of all types.

The Incident Commander & Aide build the Command Structure to manage the incident

This Advanced Incident Management Course is a scenario based program which takes participants through emergency events using the OurTown City Diorama Incident Command Simulator. The focus of each scenario is for the incident commander to build a “system” to effectively manage the event and construct a team to provide for the safety of the responders and the welfare of the community.  This will be done using the incident command system (ICS) and Unified Command.  We encourage classes of mixed disciplines including the traditional emergency responders plus, hospitals, schools, health departments, private industry, and others as appropriate.  It is understood that the students are proficient in the requirements of their particular specialty and the entire focus of the class is to provide an experience for the participants that can be drawn upon when the real events occur.

Recognition Prime Decision Making (RPDM) is the process where we make decisions using our experiences as the foundation for knowing what to do when we face similar situations in the future.  This scenario based training is an exciting, interactive, fast paced program which provides those experiences in incident command which can be called upon to protect our internal and external customers when bad things happen.

IMT has extensive experience in providing basic and advanced incident management training using the NIMS model.  The basic training includes the IS 100, 200, 300, 400, and 700 courses as required by the Department of Homeland Security.  The advanced incident command training is the OurTown Incident Command Simulator which transcends the classroom and delivers near real life experience where the participants actually learn to command incidents and participate in all the positions in the incident command structure. 

Our students leave the training with a significantly improved ability to use the incident management system to protect their community.  These are incredibly important skills for our responders to possess and it is the responsibility of every agency to provide this excellent training to facilitate the development of those skills.

The maximum class size for the OurTown Command Simulator is 40 students.  This allows for sufficient student participation and interaction with the instructor.  We encourage the client to work with the company to design a program of sufficient length to meet the training needs of the students.  Generally this would be a minimum of two days; however, The Incident Management Team will create a program for the best needs of the organization.  We encourage smaller agencies to join in a regional group to bring together enough students for a productive class and provide a broader networking experience for the all the participants.

Please contact The Incident Management Team for additional information concerning the dates that are still available, and the cost of the programs.  

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